In June 2000 FoU Södertörn arranged a research meeting with the theme Does Social Welfare Pay? as the special topic. Participants were mainly senior researchers from the USA, the Netherlands, South Africa and the Northern Countries. The meeting was supported by the Swedish Council for Social Research in cooperation with the Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations – all at Stockholm University.

The meeting shed light upon diverse dimensions of community work – its theory and practice in a global as well as a Swedish context. It also addressed the influential effects of international migration and globalization on social work. This anthology is based on papers from some of the participating researchers. They all address some kind of development in social work with increased focus on community work. The subject is analysed on different levels: international, national and local.

Authors: James Midgley, Charles Westin, Sulina Green, Maren Bak, Tommi Riihonen, Päivi Turunen, Björn Blom and Stefan Morén.

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